Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to Corporate Responsibility has been embedded in the way we do business since our company was created by Daniel Swarovski in 1895. We maintain this tradition today in how we strive to add sparkle to the everyday lives of our employees, customers and suppliers and the broader community on a global scale, while protecting the natural environment and seeking to leave a rich legacy for future generations.
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Swarovski Foundation

The Swarovski Foundation

Swarovski's visionary founder Daniel Swarovski, who established the business in Wattens, Austria, in 1895, demonstrated a strong humanitarian instinct, ensuring that his business cared for its people and the local community. Since then, five generations of the Swarovski family have reinforced Daniel Swarovski's commitment to charitable giving, both within the community and in the wider realms of the environment, health, arts and culture. The Swarovski Foundation has been created to build on this heritage.

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Swarovski Waterschool

The Swarovski Waterschool Program

Water has always been a key element in the company’s production but also in its culture and philosophy, which from Swarovski’s earliest days demanded a respect for human and environmental values.
The objectives of the Waterschool program are to create awareness amongst the participants of the fact that water is essential to our survival, to teach the principles of sustainable water management, and to provide clean drinking water and water sanitation in schools and surrounding communities where the Waterschool program is active.

In the past fourteen years, the program has reached 197,000 children in 2650 schools worldwide. Around 2,590 teachers have been trained and 560,000 community members have been involved in the program.

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